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A Retreat to Write Om About II

December 6th - 8th, 2019

About the Retreat

Kami Stark and Paige Miller invite you to join them for their second retreat at Casa Om located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. The newly constructed Casa Om Potomac sits 1.5 hours outside of Washington, DC, directly on the Potomac River. Kami and Paige will guide you through your daily practice without the distractions and hustle and bustle of the city in the background. Plan to practice, detox, refresh, laugh, unwind, and build depth and focus into your yoga. Sit in the library to read or journal, schedule a private lesson with one of the seasoned teachers on site, enjoy some vegetarian cooking, get to know your fellow practitioners outside of the hot room, indulge in a massage, challenge yourself to a hike, and keep us company around the evening fire. We are so looking forward to helping you make this a retreat to write OM about!

Sample Schedule

7AM – Coffee / Tea
8AM – Yoga (90 minute Bikram class)
10:30AM – Breakfast
1PM-3PM – Hike / Hang / Massage
4PM – Pure Power (60 minute vinyasa power yoga class)
9PM – Meditation / Fire

About the Teachers

Kami StarkI am a critical care trauma nurse in the burn ICU at Washington Hospital Center with the ambition to one day become a nurse practitioner or a nurse anesthetist. With medicine as a life-long passion, I thrive in the high-paced and high-intensity arena of an ICU. I have been practicing Bikram yoga for 10 years and I attended the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles in 2013. I enjoy both practicing and teaching yoga as a means to provide a work/life balance. I practice yoga as a way to unwind and a way to indulge my body and mind; I teach yoga to help people learn how to use yoga as a primary way of bettering their mental and physical well-being. Outside of the hot room, you will find me loving on my wife, playing with our two kids, and squeezing the family dog, Gus. I am addicted to doing the daily crossword, knitting, and I love to bake.

Paige Miller – I took my first Hot Yoga class in February 2010. I was looking for a way to improve my flexibility and be challenged with a good workout. Hot Yoga sounded like the perfect mix and while I did receive both of these things, what I did not realize was the mental improvement I would receive too. This mental strengthening not only serves me during class, but outside of the hot room during everyday life as well. In addition to keeping me physically fit and providing incredible mental benefits, yoga has also helped cure acute back pain I have suffered from on several different occasions. I became a teacher so that I can share this practice with others in hopes that it will be able to help them in the same way it so greatly helps me.

In 2016, I decided to leave my previous job in finance to travel the world for a year. It was at this time that I decided I should finally take the leap of faith and become a certified yoga instructor. In August 2016, I went to Pure Om Teacher Training at Casa Om in Puerto Morales, Mexico. Since training, I have primarily taught at studios in the Washington, DC metro area, but have also taught as a guest teacher at different studios around the world during my travels. As a teacher, I aim to encourage my students to work hard inside and outside of class. I strive to provide detailed dialogue with energy and enthusiasm to help them work hard during class. I also weave in quotes and share my own personal experiences in order to help students practice gratitude, live with courage, and act with kindness in order to find peace within and make the most out of this short life we have been given.



Contact Information:
kamistarkdc@gmail.com, 301-661-9661
paigecmiller1@gmail.com, 703-303-1020