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Retreat Wizard Blizzard

April 11th - 14th, 2022

About the Retreat

“I think we should cancel…” I said, with my voice trailing off. As if the word cancel meant the pain would end.

We all knew it wouldn’t but we had worked so hard and had just 2 registrations. One of my friends, the only one who noticed, made fun of the poster. I spent a long time on it and I stopped handing them out. It looked to get worse and that we would fail more if we kept going. If we forged ahead, the embarrassment burned the most. I was used to working long hours with little to show. I could bare losing money. But I was most scared of the shame of pouring my heart into something, throwing a big yoga retreat, for only 2 people to show. Then they would feel awkward too. The few that trusted me, would question “was that a mistake?”. I was terrified to arrive at the end, only to look like the fool to my wife, my friends and my clients.

I desperately wanted it over. With no guide, no marketing, no training, no proper venue, travel to a new country, and no plan, it was no wonder I was in trouble.

My friend Markus stepped up. He was wiser. He listened to my words and saw through the fear. He said “Hargobind, if we turn back from Tulum now, you may never return.” Tulum had already stolen his heart. He knew how special it could be. He knew the magic of the retreat was meant for the next group of seekers. He knew what it could do to me if I didn’t quit. He implored me to keep the faith. So we continued on. We got 7 clients, most who paid a discounted rate…. And we had 6 presenters to fill various roles including chef, musicians, teachers and administration. It was what it was, but more than that. It was the set up for the next step because we didn’t quit.

I was thinking about this today as I am about to mark my 4th retreat in the next 3 months sold out and generate over $60,000 in revenue. I’ll start in our river front Casa Om Potomac where our chef team and staff will take care of the logistics while we teach and hang out with our clients. Then we’ll go to the beach in Mexico over New Years where our driver will pick us up and our other chef will make the most delicious food. Our manager will schedule a massage for me when I arrive after I hit the beach. Then I will teach to all my friends, most who come back year after year. I love them!

I had a moment of pride as I reflected on the real estate, skills, frameworks, and methods I acquired since that first retreat in Tulum. And I realized something bigger.

I can teach you the tactics and it doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, we will have a blast. I am so excited! I know why I went from totally struggling to consistently crushing it. It’s a series of frameworks I can share.

My position gives me insight, other people didn’t have. As the owner of 2 yoga retreat centers, I have a front row seat to watch what the best retreat leaders are doing. I am their student over and over again.

I am now turning what I learned into a program called:

Retreat Wizard Blizzard

“ The coolest way for you to become legendary retreat leader”

There are 19 sections I will share with you that will take the anxiety, doubt and questioning out of the planning, marketing, selling, managing and running your next retreat.

If you are in the middle of planning a retreat, we will directly apply the methods so by the end of our 4 days together, you are positioned to crush it. This is a unique offering where if you execute on what I share, you will have everything in place to launch a legendary, profitable, life changing retreat.

Here are the 19 topics we will cover :

  1. Dharmify – to make sure you have total alignment on the spiritual, practical and material aspects of your retreat idea.
  2. Positioning you as the Guide to build trust in the Hero’s Journey that you will take your clients on.
  3. Creating effective Who, What, Why, How Videos to sell your retreat.
  4. Utilizing killer written copy in the form of Hook, Story, Offer
  5. Creating a yoga retreat offer so good, you’d have to be insane not do it.
  6. Building a budget that makes sense and profit.
  7. Identifying the karma that you resolve through your offer.
  8. Communicating to the 3 types of buyers – emotional, logical and those that require urgency.
  9. Defining your 3 core benefits so everyone knows what their getting
  10. Creating a 15 second elevator pitch
  11. Playing in traffic – Developing Facebook and Instagram ads that deliver return on investment even if you suck at social media.
  12. Giving so much more through bonuses and over delivering
  13. Mantras and Marketing – Utilizing mantra practice to elevate your core beliefs about marketing and you.
  14. My friend Jenny Dicola is the best portrait photographer (and expensive!) in West Virginia. She will join us with a hair dresser and make up stylist to do our photo shoots. You’ll walk away with high quality photos to use to promote your retreat in a retreat setting. Even if you don’t utilize one of our retreat centers, we’ll set this up to its what you need for the best presentation. And you’ll get your hair and make up done too!
  15. Guru’s Blessing. We’ll list the names of the people that have to have what we are offering. We’ll also define our Avatars in the forms of ideal clients so we know exactly who needs this.
  16. Scheduling to change lives. I’ll share the 20 best schedules I’ve seen to stoke your creative fire in laying out your retreat itinerary. We’ll collectively build schedules and brainstorm ways to improve each other’s offerings.
  17. Networking. Yoga is union. Perhaps the most powerful thing we’ll get from the Blizzard is the feedback and community of fellow retreat leaders.
  18. Creating Peak Moments that change people’s lives and keep them coming back.
  19. Ambitions suck without a calendar – Brendan Bruchard. We will create our retreat marketing and planning schedule so we know exactly when to do each item on the retreat.

It’s not all business though because this is after all the coolest way! I can’t wait to show my fellow entrepreneurs examples of ideas they can work into their retreats First off, I can’t wait to show the ice bath practice with you! When I say cool, there’s no fronting here. Second, we’ll practice hot yoga in the oom we built from the ground up with sunsets on the river and bald eagles soaring by. Third, we will travers deep underground into the ancient Indian River Cave to chant and meditate and pray. Fourth, we’ll experience a sound bath and deep relaxation. Fifth, I will share my dharmify journey journal practice with you. This will be the first time I teach other people to lead this! It will be powerful tool of personal practice and one that you can share on your retreats to help gel the group in an authentic vulnerable way. Sixth, we wrap up the nights around the bon fire and share s’mores and stories. Seventh, take a swim in the pool or the hot tub or take a kayak out and explore the Potomac River below. There’s so many good things I don’t know how we can fit it all in! But we will because we’re on a mission. So get ready for the Retreat Wizard Blizzard and sign up now. I have only 10 rooms to sell for this. Still not convinced ?! Well good! because I have 5 more special bonuses I want to give you! I’ve learned the key to this whole game is give as much as you can. So I have some bonuses but they are not going to last. Bonus 1 – $100 Value! A free massage with Kelly Delong my massage therapist so you can see how important it is to get body work on retreat. Bonus 2 – $500 Value! $500 credit if you host a retreat at Casa Om Potomac. I really want to set you up for the most success possible. Must be used within 1 year. Bonus 3 – $1000 Value! $1000 credit if you host a retreat at Casa Om Mexico. Again, I know you will love this venue and I built it for awesome retreat leaders like you! Must be used within 1 year. Bonus 4 – $18.99 (Only. I know. Please don’t make fun of me) A signed copy of my book Dharmify because its just hilarious and useful! Bonus 5 – $20! The Casa Om Potomac Recipe Ebook so even when you go to other retreat centers you can share ideas with them of recipes you know rock! Bonus 6 – A free yoga retreat $1499! (ONLY FOR THE FIRST 5 REGISTRATIONS!!!) A free retreat with me and Siri Om in Mexico! You can attend either Walking on Sunshine in August or Start Your Year Right in January! This will either be awesome or awesome and you can see how we run a Mexico retreat so you can run your own Mexico retreat! Bonus 7 – $45 Swag Bag Casa Om swag bag with a Casa Om t-shirt, and Casa Om hat Bonus 8 – $150 A budget you can use for your spreadsheet I paid my bro Dharm Khalsa $150 to make us a spreadsheet so you know exactly what expenses to expect and can track your profit. I wanted to share it with you for free! That’s a Total of $3,332.99 in Free Bonuses!!! Lets summarize what we get here because this is a haul!! When I told Stef we were doing this, she said “that’s crazy!” The Retreat Wizard Blizzard and all the bonuses include

  • 3 nights/ 4 days stay in the river front Casa Om Potomac built by Hargobind
  • Delicious all inclusive vegetarian meals from our personal chef with menus curated by Siri Om & Chase
  • Hot Yoga daily
  • Meditation in an ancient Cave
  • Ice Bath experience
  • Dharmify Journey journal which you can teach and use to gel your groups
  • Workshops that will teach best practices in running life changing retreats
  • The tactics you need to execute your retreat
  • Marketing strategies so you sell out.
  • A professional photoshoot with Jenni Dicola
  • Professional Make Up and Hair Stylist
  • A spreadsheet prefilled to build your Budget
  • Bonfires under the stars in an area Hargobind leveled with an excavator and skid steer! He’ll probably tell you about that twice!

I can’t wait! We are going to have the best time and become the change makers empowered to travel anywhere, be the guides and connect the world. We’re going to get dharmified.

About the Retreat Leaders

Hargobind Khalsa

I am super passionate about helping people be successful in yoga, entrepreneurship, making friends, living healthy and having fun. I love yoga because it helps us live more free and I take those lessons into my professional life as well. With my wife I built Casa Om Mexico, Casa Om Potomac, used to own 2 hot yoga studios and a kirtan label, cofounded two yoga festivals and have hosted over 400 retreats. I have co led with Siri Om more than 25 retreats in the USA, Mexico and India. I believe group travel is the best way to see the world while we have a positive impact on society. Retreat leaders are bold action takers. I hope my hard lessons learned can be helpful to you so you live with more freedom, more impact and more prosperity. You can check out my podcast on Spotify and buy my book on amazon if you want to learn more about me.


Beautifully furnished with unique antiques from India, Casa Om sits on 60 picturesque acres looking out at the Potomac in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Get ready to renew, refresh and relax, enjoy delicious organic vegetarian meals, and experience a wonderful blend of West Virginia river country hospitality and classical Indian yoga experience.


Our general menu is as follows but always subject to change

Friday Night Dinner

  • Butternut Squash soup
  • Vegan Kale Caesar with tofu
  • Buffalo Cauliflower
  • Chick pea pasta with vegan pesto
  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Bread
  • Quinoa
  • Desert: Chia Seed Pudding
  • Drink: Mint Lemonade

Saturday Breakfast

  • Croissants
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Protein Bars
  • Oranges
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Cereal
  • Fruit

Saturday Brunch

  • Baked Eggs
  • Buckwheat Pancakes
  • Avocado Toast
  • Potatoes
  • Orange Juice
  • Coffee
  • Apple Crisp
  • Yogurt
  • Saturday Thai Dinner
  • Thai Salad
  • Cucumber Soup
  • Vegan Beef
  • Tofu Pad Thai
  • Spring Rolls
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Desert: Almond Butter Zucchini Blondies with ice cream
  • Drink: Lemongrass water

Sunday Breakfast

  • Bread
  • Jam
  • Peanut butter
  • Almond butter
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Cereal
  • Almond milk

Sunday Brunch

  • Zuchini French toast
  • Acorn Squash boats
  • Vegan Frittata
  • Southwest Style Tofu Scramble
  • Banana bread
  • Fruit Salad
  • Watermelon Mint Juice



Lux rooms

$2999 Per person in single occupancy
$2299 Per person in double occupancy

Queen Rooms

$2499 Per Person in Single Occupancy
$1999 per person in double occupancy

Double Occupancy Rooms

$2299 Per person in single occupancy
$1899 Per Person in double Occupancy

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